Why am I openly sharing

these deep innermost

personal things ?

Because we all have them and we do not openly

talk about it enough with each other...quite often

not even with God.  Making wrong decisions,

doing wrong and hiding it is something we do

because we want to be loved.  If I do these

things people will think poorly of me, judge me

and not love me is a driver that separates us

from life, one another and God !

In my testimony you sill see depths of affliction

and turmoil that normally would have landed me

in an insane asylum or dead !  It was not man

that delivered this sheep named me that had

fallen into the wrong well...dark, deep and alone. 

No, it took a Hand Greater and A Light

Brighter !

I would like to say that The Lord now uses all

that was wrong for something good for my

understanding of peril is first hand.

I often say “ If He could do it

for me, then He can do

It for anyone !

Since I can relate to deep turmoils,  I have been

able to share my story and Hope In Christ and

what it can yield !

And to those that would say “ my life was not as

bad as yours “ ...I say that fear is fear and a tear

shed is a tear shed...do not compare these things

of suffering one to another..making one less than another!

Searching & Pondering...

Something I had to do many times in

my life starting very early in my case. 

Life is a journey that can become a

blur...shades of gray !

With help the blur can be reduced to

Black & White...the world offered me

little in the way of help.  Many were

the good intentions, few were the

peaceful moments.  Though we cope

and move ahead we cannot simply

place our past into little dark rooms,

lock the door and throw away the key.

The rooms are still there...They are

our memories.  What we    desper-

ately attempt to bury stays with us in

a graveyard called the sub-conscious. 

It is no wonder that we live as a result

of fear.

My testimony below is deep and at

first I did not want to share the harder

version of it...fearing people would

think me insane.      

Insane I was, now sanely clear I wish

to share the Truth.

Honesty and Truth go a long way to

foster understanding, a closer rela-

tionship with compassion and,

ultimately, Love !

Without trusting and being willing

to be vulnerable before 

God The Father 

I could never have received 

The Love that over time

drove out all things

dark and all


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