The Tree of Life 
We Seek Our Father’s Love, Mercy, Release, Renewal & Restoration. 
That His  Will Alone  Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven... 
May He Be Glorified in The Earth, He Alone Is Lord. 
The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 
Know He That Was, Is and Is To Come. 
We Are To Serve But One Master,  
One Lord and One King. 
The Alpha & Omega. 
Seek He That Is The Living Word Unto Salvation and Eternal Life. 
There Is But His One Voice That Speaks Above All Others. 
“Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God In All Things “ 
Freedom comes only by the Spirit of the Lord, His Wisdom, 
His Understanding, His Counsel, His Strength,  
His Knowledge and Fear of the Lord. 
Seek He That Is The Lampstand, 
The Light unto The High Path ! 
The Sevenfold Spirit, 
Our High Priest, 
Our Leader. 

“My People Perish For Lack of Knowledge.”   
“My People Without My Knowledge Lead My Children To Perish.” 
“My People Perish For Lack of My Godly Perspective 
In The Truth Given Them.” 
...sayeth Our Living Lord  Now and then in Hosea 4:6 
It Is About Him, His Good and Perfect Will, Not Us... 
To Hear Him Is To Know ! To Hear Him Not Is To Know Not !
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Life Is In...Father_Gods_Symphony_files/004%20Life%20Is%20In%20Christ%20Jesus%20Yah%27shua.pdf
Holy Holy HolyFather_Gods_Symphony_files/005%20Holy%20Holy%20Holy%20Is%20The%20Lamb.pdf
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