When You Are Ready... 
To Look Into The Mirror ! 
What Does “ when you are ready “ mean? 
It means that being ready is truly when you are 
ready.  At first you may think that you are ready but 
find that as you peer into the mirror by way of ques- 
tions asked you that you find that you are not.         
If that be the case just exit this page and come back 
at a later time.   We come to this place from various 
angles...some ready, some not ! 
Scriptures say “ The first shall go last and the last 
first.”  So it does not matter when or how.  There is 
no formula that applies to all.  As we God’s children 
are truly unique individual creations and God knows 
when you are ready or prepared to be ready ! 
The important thing is that you are here at The 
Well.  The crucial thing is that you do look into the 
mirror when you are ready if you seek to change 
your life...Realize that this is not easy for anyone.  
To follow The Lord Requires work and is an ago- 
nizing struggle...It is your price to pay (the sacrifice 
of self and the flesh),  it is your Cross to carry and 
your walk to seek the true single set of footprints in 
the sand !
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